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Compassionate Wise Leaders

Simonette Vaja

Compassion and Courage moves me forward

Simonette is a trauma-informed psychologist, mindfulness & compassion meditation teacher. With 30 years of experience contributing through her extensive role providing workplace wellbeing & mental health programs. A subject matter expert in  psychosocial risk and safety frameworks for the legal sectors, advocating for preventive and supportive programs in vicarious resilience for people who work in health care, rescue, aged care settings. Compassion grows from caring for others and self compassion fills your cup and can be a strong protector from professional burnout. 

Nature walks and compassionate conversations for everyone's wellbeing

"Embracing compassion, leaders create nurturing care circles within workplaces. These safe havens offer opportunities for reflection and coaching opportunities, 

Simonette's Professional Accreditations 

Your True Nature

Nature Walks
Mindful Walking 
Retreats in Nature
Compassionate Care Spaces

member of the Global Compassion Coalision 

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