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Compassionate Wise Leaders


In the demanding delivery of front line services, where people demonstrate courage and dedication to others is part of their roles. It is essential to recognise the importance of nurturing the mental health and wellbeing of those who give so much, who rescue, take care of and advocate for others. Compassion Care Circles (CCC) offer a protective safe space, embeded into the workplaces to recovery and grow personally and professionally. By providing circles of 8 people who regularly meet online for peer support and practice self-care and enhance relationships with work collegues.  These circles promote wellbeing and mitigate the risk of vicarious trauma, so that they can to continue their vital work with renewed passion and resilience, ultimately benefitting the communities and individuals they serve.


The recent 2023 psychosocial risk and work health safety guidelines; workplaces are required to be consultative with all workers mental health and wellbeing risk and protective factors. Providing workers with embeded practices and programs to promote and maintain wellbeing of the whole person. Evidenced based best practice wellbeing programs that do influence healthy relationships with managers, teams and invites inclusion and collabortion.  The Compassion Care Circles are a regular reflective supervision, peer lead online circle.   Self Compassion and compassion for others is an acquired quality of how we relate to each other.  Compassion grows through directing kindness toward yourself and then directing this outward, particularly to those who we find challenging or complex. Our capacity for compassion is a social emotional skill that can be developed, and is developed through acts of kindness, care and action toward releaving the suffering of others.  

Compassion Training Program involves these modules

  1. Experiencing th compassion care circle of 8 participants

  2. Attending Two half day workshops blended e.learning theory and skills​​​

  3. Practical Component: Compassionate Care Circles at Work

  4. Accreditation Compassion Care Circles at work.

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"Embracing compassion, leaders create nurturing care circles within workplaces. These safe havens offer opportunities for reflection and coaching opportunities, safeguarding the well-being of our people from the cumulative emotional stress that can impact over the whole of life.  In the pursuit of professional excellence, we uplift and empower those we serve with wisdom and compassion."


"Our long-term vision is to ensure a culture shift that embraces compassionate care opportunities deeply embedded within workplaces. By doing so, we ensure the flow-on benefits to the services provided to our communities, families, and individuals. We strive to foster compassionate wise healthcare services, compassionate wise community services, and compassionate wise leadership.

We ensure the continuing care of the whole person within their unique life journey".

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