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Artistry of Compassion



In a world where selflessness thrives,

Where hearts are filled with love and lives,

There blooms a flower called Altruism,

A gift that brings joy with every prism.


A gentle touch, a helping hand,

A beacon of hope across the land,

Altruism dances with a tender grace,

Embracing others with a smiling face.


With every act of kindness shown,

A seed of joy is beautifully sown,

For in the act of giving, we receive,

And in selflessness, we truly achieve.


The joy of seeing a smile unfold,

A weary soul finding solace and hold,

Altruism, the melody of hearts,

Bringing healing where brokenness departs.


In every corner, every human face,

Altruism leaves its gentle trace,

A symphony of compassion and care,

A testament to how we can all share.


For joy, it flourishes in giving's wake,

A tapestry of connections we make,

Altruism, the light that brightly gleams,

Unveiling the beauty in selfless dreams.

So let us embrace this noble art,

Igniting joy in every heart,

For in the act of giving, we find,

The true essence of humankind.

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